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Noel Gallagher Calls Liam A ‘Fat Man In An Anorak’


Now it’s Noel’s turn to have a dig. The ongoing feud between the Gallagher brothers’ has been taken up a notch with Noel taking aim at his brother Liam during an interview for Wired magazine.

Squashing the prospect of an Oasis reunion, Noel didn’t hold back when he talked about his brother’s solo setlist. Noels said: “If they want to hear old Oasis songs they’re being played by a fat man in an anorak somewhere, you know, with shorts on so they can go and see that. I’ve no desire at all to get back involved with Oasis.”

Quick to respond, Liam took to Twitter: “I’m REALLY upset,” he told one fan when asked what he thinks of Noel’s comments. When told to ‘chin up’, Liam responded with: “You mean chins.”

Noel made it quite clear about the question of a reunion for Oasis, he said:

“I’m afraid Oasis is in the past and that’s it. There’s a lot of people in England who refuse to accept that it’s over.

“It’s like when they watch box sets and they don’t like the ending. They refuse to believe that is the way it ends because they didn’t want it to end like that.”

We couldn’t help but think of the classic movie ‘Tommy Boy’ when Noel thought of Liam as a “fat man in an anorak.” For those of you that never saw it, check it out below. Comedy gold.


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