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No Deal For Morrissey


LOS ANGELES - APRIL 23: Singer Morrissey performs April 23, 2004 at the Wiltern LG in Los Angeles, California. The former Smiths frontman sold out five consecutive nights in Los Angeles. (Photo by Karl Walter/Getty Images)

Former Smiths singer and master wordsmith Morrissey has told the music press this week that his new album is ready to go as soon as he can find a record deal. Mozza, who has had a pretty rough time with record labels over the years, may be forced into setting up his own distribution network.

Morrissey’s last feature length record was 2014’s ‘World Peace is None of Your Business’. The album was released on Harvest Records who have since parted ways with the eccentric singer. Following his departure from the label the 57 year old stated: “I couldn’t go through a Harvest Records situation again — they almost killed me, and probably regret that they didn’t.”

In a recent interview with Israeli news outlet ‘Walla!’, Morrissey gave every indication that he has an albums worth of new material finished and ready to be recorded. He stated: “It is written. We need to find a distribution deal. It is not possible to find a recording deal, so we would record it ourselves as soon as we can find a distributor who could make it available worldwide.”

“There was a time when the music industry served the artist, but now the artist must serve the music industry, which is why everything is now so tasteless.”

As well as discussing his own projects, Morrissey went on to talk about the music business as a whole and the state of modern music, of which he was particularly critical. Analysing the differences between the music business in the late 1970s and today, Morrissey had this to say: “There is extremely heavy censorship now. If you examine, for example, the Sex Pistols rise, it largely succeeded because nobody saw it coming, and the industry didn’t think a band like the Sex Pistols could be popular, or could even exist. Now, it is severely controlled and monitored to make sure that any singer with a political message cannot get through. The result is obvious. We are left with music charts that do not reflect the feelings and needs of devout music lovers. But there cannot be a revolution.”

The last time Morrissey struggled to get a recording contract there was a seven year gap between albums. However, when he did return it was with the scintillating ‘You Are The Quarry’.

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