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No Adler For Guns N Roses?


According to former Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler, his ex-bandmates Slash and Duff McKagan won’t confront him with the truth regarding recent rumors of the band’s possible reunion. They don’t believe he’s sober.

Steven Adler
Steven Adler

In a recent September interview with Eddie Trunk on his SiriusXM satellite radio spot, the famed musician who was fired from the band in 1990 due to heroin abuse, stated his side of the story all too clearly as he went off on what could be taken as a spiteful tangent.

“He [Duff] doesn’t think I’m a cool guy. This is what people tell me. And he doesn’t think I’m cool and that I’m not that great of a drummer. And Slash, he doesn’t believe that I have 21 months and 21 days sober. He doesn’t believe it. I don’t know why, but they forget that at one time in their life, they were doing drugs and drinking and they were fucking up. They forget that they were like that too.”

When looking back on the reasoning behind Adler’s 1990 dismissal from what is considered to be one of the most iconic heavy rock bands in music history, it does seem unfair that he had been let go at a time when the rest of the band was indulging in the same behavior.

Perhaps Adler is onto something. Maybe he is being singled out, but we can’t help but feel that he’s saying all the wrong things. If the rumors are true, and he has the opportunity to be part of what major things may come, maybe he should voice his enthusiasm in favor of turning the rumors into reality instead of feeling sorry for himself and refusing to take some of the blame.

As it is, the alleged reunion of Guns N’ Roses has not yet been confirmed; but should it come to be, will Steven Adler be included despite his sassy commentary, or should we draw a line in the sand and call it done?

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