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Nikki Sixx Recovering After More Shoulder Surgery


Nikki Sixx has announced that he is recovering from surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff in his right shoulder. The Motley Crue bassist underwent his second shoulder op following a similar procedure he had in 2017, this came only a few months after the rocker had had hip replacement surgery.

Sixx uploaded some photos from the hospital and announced via social media: “I officially have 5 cadaver parts in the body now,” adding: “Finally got the right shoulder repaired. All the rotators were completely torn off the bone.

“I seem to think it’s a good idea to break things on stage and therefore I am always broken. Left knee fixed. Left rotator cuff and bicep fixed. Hip fixed. Double hernia fixed. And as I said before, right shoulder fixed.

“Excited to heal up,” he adds. “Health is everything. Ready to get onstage and break stuff.”

All of us here at Rock My World wish Nikki a speedy recovery.


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