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New Vinyl Releases Set For Record Store Day 2016


With Record Store Day 2016 round the corner, it has been revealed that two vinyl releases of David Bowie‘s music will be reissued.

Bowie—who passed away in January 2016—will also be honoured on Record Store Day, which will take place on April 16th. Vinyl has continued to maintain its resurgence and popularity and record companies and artists continue tovinyl sq climb on board with rereleases.

In an article featured in Pitchfork, the two Bowie reissues will be as follows, the single “TVC15” taken from the album Station to Station and Bowie’s hit album from the 1970’s, The Man Who Sold The World. According to Bowie’s official Facebook page, the album is being reissued with original German artwork.

In related Record Store Day news, Metallica recently released a video announcing that they are the official ambassadors of Record Store Day 2016.

James Hetfield, Robert Trujilo, Kirk Hammett and Lars Ulrich uploaded a video detailing the band’s involvement as figureheads for this year’s event.

According to Brave Words, Metallica’s cassette-issued demos collection, No Life ‘Til Leather, was Record Store Day 2015’s highest seller.

Check out Metallica’s official ambassadors of Record Store Day 2016 video below:

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