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New Struts Album Done and Dusted


Luke Spiller, singer of Brit rockers the Struts has told the press that the bands brand new album is is “completely done and dusted.”

Spiller said: “It’s in that difficult process where it’s all been done, but it’s just the mixing, which is really annoying, a lot of back and forth.”

With a release time of around September, the new album will be the highly anticipated follow-up The Struts’ debut effort Everybody Wants, released in 2016. The Struts released track from the up-coming album “Body Talks,” and when it comes to the rest of the new album Spiller says it has a total of 14 tracks, and each one is “an absolute showstopper.”

“I just know that it’s all superb,” he says with a hint of swagger: “I can’t wait to get it out there.”

Spiller also hints that when it comes to the lyrics, the album will include “a lot of social commentary.” He explained: “There’s a couple of things that are more personal to me, whether it’s dealing with the acceptance or not being accepted from small towns and small-minded people,” adding: “Other parts of the album are songs which are very much continuations from the first, and intentionally doing so.”

If the thought of having to wait till September is too much, you can catch The Struts on tour with the Foo Fighters as of July 6th. Dave Grohl has come out and said that Spiller and Co are the “the best opening band” the Foo Fighters have ever had.

High praise indeed.

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