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New Show Recreates The Beatles Abbey Road Sessions


Have you ever fancied seeing a Beatles track being recorded? A live stage show recreating the sound, look and feel of the famous Abbey Road recording sessions is now on tour.

The show, which is named The Sessions – A Live Restaging of Thebeat sq Beatles at Abbey Road Studios, is a must for Beatles fans. It includes reconstructed performances of songs from the albums Please, Please Me and Abbey Road.

During the show, four actors will play the parts of Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison singing the songs alongside musicians replicating the music and arrangements that the Beatles originally used; while at the same time, transparent screens surround them displaying recording details.

As well as the actors playing the band, there will also be an actor that will narrate the show from the view of “the fifth Beatle” producer George Martin, who died last month aged 90.

The show is dedicated to Martin, and was conceived by using the memoirs of former Abbey Road Studios sound engineer Geoff Emerick. The show has been billed as a musical documentary, which is “the closest an audience can get to experiencing The Beatles live and at the height of their glory.”

Emerick, speaking with the Reuters news agency, said: “It’s pretty true – the songs are being performed with … with the things we would have overdubbed onto the records.

“We have got like double track vocals, we’ve got all sorts of guitar effects and so forth.

“It seems as though it was only like eight weeks ago but when I’ve been hearing some of these songs performed I sort of tear up a bit because … it brings back a lot of memories of the past.

“We never dreamt in a million years that these songs would carry on forever.”

The Sessions kicked off at London’s Royal Albert Hall on Friday, April 1st of last week, and will now tour the UK and Europe.

Check out the clip of The Sessions – A Live Restaging of The Beatles at Abbey Road Studios below:

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