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Prince is unquestionably one of the most innovative and eclectic musicians of our time, hurdling in a rare talent for his sonic interpretation of more than 9 genres combined throughout his work over the last 30 years.prince 1

HITNRUN Phase One is Prince’s latest masterpiece. It is available on Amazon, iTunes, and other venues. The album was exclusively released last week via Jay-Z’s Tidal.com, a streaming service, either digitally or by CD. This is the first time the streaming service offered an album for sale. We’ll have to wait and see if Tidal does this with other albums in the future.

Multiple reviews have classified the new sounds on HITNRUN Phase One as being heavily dressed by the champagne-party beats of EDM, which make sense given the influence of fellow collaborator and producer, Chicago-native Joshua Welton, who earned his first credit on Prince’s Art Official Age released last year.

Seth Colter Walls via Pitchfork declared HITNRUN Phase One “a casual, slightly-weirder-than-usual release with one very good R&B song.” The Atlantic said, “Instead of the gnarly funk-rock and R&B that made Prince famous, the album offers a rhythmically powerful, heavily electronic journey through hip-hop and EDM that shoots for amusement rather than transcendence.”

After the 2010 international release of 20Ten, the Highest Priest of POP made us fidget for 4 years before his 2014 release of not one, but two killer albums: Art Official Age and PLECTRUMELECTRUM.

And, lucky us! Prince is back sooner than we expected with this release. With a title like HITNRUN Phase One, we hope there’s likely an upcoming phase two. Let’s cross our fingers that Prince graces us with it sooner than later

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