New Grizzly Bear Album Coming Soon

grizzlybear1Experimental indie band Grizzly Bear have announced that their upcoming record is ’90 percent done’. The band took to twitter to tell fans that this would be their final update before releasing the record.

Grizzly Bear are one of the most interesting, unique bands of the 21st century. Founded by lead singer Ed Droste, the band released their first album ‘Horn of Plenty’ in 2004. ‘Horn of Plenty’ was largely a solo album made up of Droste’s acoustic recordings, with the occasional track featuring now full time drummer Chris Bear. Although possessing a very psychedelic lo fi sound, ‘Horn of Plenty’ became a popular record amongst college students and eventually spread around the globe. Rolling Stone said of the record “the pure atmospheric power of the songs is more than enough to hypnotize.”

Following the popularity of the first record, Droste added both singer / guitarist Daniel Rossen and multi instrumentalist Chris Taylor to the band. Grizzly Bear have since released three successful studio albums titled ‘Yellow House’, ‘Veckatimest’ and ‘Shields’. The most recent two albums peaked at number one on the US independent albums chart. The band have gone on to receive high praise from not only the press but also fellow musicians, with Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood once dubbing Grizzly Bear his ‘favourite band in the world’.

Since completing their ‘Shields’ world tour in 2014, the band have been somewhat coy about their future plans, speaking openly about their desire to allow new projects to come together naturally.

Despite a severe lack of interviews from band members, Grizzly Bear have been keeping fans updated via twitter. One of the first mentions of a new record came in June when the band posted: “We just finished 15 days of epic recording. We aren’t done but a major step has been made! Thanks to all that still care. We are so excited!”.

The newest update was posted this week and stated: “Album 90 percent done. Last update until you hear it”

Definitely one worth keeping an eye out for.

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