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New Documentary About Metallica’s Cliff Burton Available


For diehard fans of the band Metallica, the death of original bassist Cliff Burton, who was was killed in a tour bus crash in Sweden at the age of 24, was a true heartbreaker. For those Metallica fans who want to understand a little more about Burton the man, and Metallica bassist, a new documentary about the late musician aims to shed some light.

Cliff Burton

The Documentary, which is called ‘The Salvation Kingdom,’ is narrated by Burton’s sister Connie, and focuses on all the aspects of Burton’s life.

It covers his childhood, as well as his musical influences, and also has plenty of photos and archival footage of his time in Metallica. Also included are interviews with fellow musicians that have been affected and influenced by Burton.

If you’re a fan of the band, you probably already know when the title of the documentary came from. Following Burton’s tragic death, Metallica wrote the track ‘To Live Is To Die,’ and the track appeared on the 1988 album, ‘And Justice For All.’

Burton’s legacy in the music goes on to this day, last year it was revealed by his father Ray, that royalties that Burton’s estate receives go towards a scholarship program dedicated towards the help of young musicians.

You can watch the full documentary bellow:

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