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Neil Young And Crazy Horse Set For New Album Release In The Fall


Just a few short weeks ago Neil Young revealed that he was busy at work recording a new studio album with the new lineup of his band, Crazy Horse. Well, apparently that album is now done and Young is shouting from the rooftops saying ‘come get it.’

Via his Neil Young Archives website, he said: “We just had the album playback!” adding: “11 new songs, ranging from 3 minutes to 14 minutes of music each, were played at full volume on our stereo system…We believe we have a great Crazy Horse album, one to stand alongside Everybody [Knowsthis is NowhereRust Never SleepsSleeps With AngelsPsychedelic Pill and all the others.”

As is, the album is currently without a title, but as Neil explains it, as it stands it’s: “one of the most diverse albums I have ever made.”

Maybe because Young and Co made the album so fast Young has also said that the album will be released in early fall which will result in “schedule changes and release date adjustments” that will push back “older re-release projects.”

You can tell Yong is beaming with pride when he talks of the new album, he said the new release will be “a proud moment for all involved,” while noting that the project was “something we were not sure we would get to do.” He adds, “We did it though and it rocks! I am so thankful.”

Neil’s current version of Crazy Horse features the band’s original rhythm section — bassist Billy Talbot and drummer Ralph Molina — as well as longtime E Street Band multi-instrumentalist Nils Lofgren, who was with Crazy Horse during the 1970s and came back to the group last year.


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