NAMM 2019 Top 10

Every year the music industry gathers in California for the annual winter NAMM show. Here’s the stuff that caught our attention.


  1. Fender – Chris Stapleton 62 Princeton Signature

This bad boy is going to hit the shelves in Feb. This 112 12watt combo packs a serious punch.

  1. Fender – Bass breaker 30

Also out in Feb is the new bass breaker 30r. This 30watt combo amp, fans of it’s little brother the bass breaker 15 are going to love the added features like channel switching and even more distortion control.

  1. MXR – Dookie

This little pedal is going to give you that signature Green Day tone from the well loved Dookie album. The dirt pedal is going to be a must have for a whole swathe of fans. Emulating Billie Joe Armstrong’s modded marshal set up.

  1. Gibson’s New Line UP

Going back to basic with a return to the 50’s and 60’s specs which we know and love. We’re really excited for this and hope it will be a return to form for the guitar giants.

  1. Ludwig Go Old School

Ludwig is celebrating their 110th birthday by rebooting it’s acclaimed snare line and releasing two vintage inspired kits.

  1. Marshall

Inspired by the original JCM800 the mashall studio classic delivers that beloved tone from the original amp. With lots of vintage classics reissued this could be a great year to grab some new amps for an old sound.

  1. Taylor Guitars

The new Grand Pacifica is billed to be a Taylor like you’ve never heard it before. At least that’s what their PR guys are saying, so far we’re pretty impressed though.

  1. Martin Dreadnought Juniors

Martin have updated their range here and some of the new models are looking pretty cool. And let’s face it we know we can trust Martin to make a good guitar. They’re also releasing some new sloped shoulder models.

  1. Orange Pedal Baby 100

A new class A/B power amplifier designed for the touring musician. Brilliant with large pedal set ups, lightweight and reasonably compact. What’s not to love?

  1. Fender Jimi Page

Well the top end of this may be a bit out of budget it $25000, but there will be some cheaper runs available this year.


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