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My Chemical Romance Hit Another YouTube Milestone


My Chemical Romance has hit a major milestone in their career, their song “Welcome To The Black Parade” was uploaded on to YouTube. nine years ago, and it has finally surpassed the hit 100 million views mark.

Welcome To The Black Parade” is easily one of the bands biggest, and well-known tracks and was taken from the album the Black Parade.

Keep in mind that as well as the official music video, there are fan-made lyric videos that have also racked up millions of views as well. And when you add the fact that the song has racked up over 200 million plays on Spotify you have to say these are some serious numbers.

The video itself is highly regarded as the bands best. It’s based around the album’s main character, the Patient, as he approaches his death.

One thing to note about the popularity of My Chemical Romance, whereas “Welcome To The Black Parade” is regarded as one of My Chemical Romance’s most popular songs, it still isn’t the band’s most-viewed music video on YouTube.

That accolade goes to the song, “Teenagers.” It currently has 120,311,982 views, the song “Famous Last Words” also has more views than “Welcome To The Black Parade,” with over 103 million views. Massive numbers indeed.

For those of you who have somehow missed the video to “Welcome To The Black Parade” you can check out what all the noise is about below:


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