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Musicians To Get Performance Royalties Early, Under New Initiative


In these trying times here is a ray of light, musicians have been told that they will be paid royalties sooner than expected. A new initiative implemented by APRA AMCOS is set to help to aid struggling musicians during all of these coronavirus cancellations.

As of March 27th, it was announced that the governing body will be pulling forward payments to musicians, as per live performance reports, from November to May 2020.

Dean Ormston, Chief Executive of APRA AMCOS explained: “We know we need to get money into the pockets of our members quickly and efficiently,” adding: “We distribute domestic royalties quarterly and royalties coming in from overseas on a monthly rolling basis – effectively 16 distributions per year. Our commitment to this will not change.”

Via their website you can see that an artist that submitted their performance reports last year and were paid in the November 2019 distribution don’t need to submit any further information. In order to expidite payments APRA AMCOS will be using the very same data to pay royalties due in May.

For the artists who didn’t submit reports or receive a live performance payment last year, well they are being told to contact Member Services on writer@apra.com.au as soon as possible.

APRA AMCOS is an Australian industry body, and makes sure that artists are taken care of in various ways On their website they explain that they have over 103,000 songwriters, composers and publishers that are currently signed up as members.

Much like US and UK organizations, their focus is to licence organisations to play, perform, copy, record or make available members’ music. APRA AMCOS then collect and distribute royalties to it’s members when their work is used, in a commercial, or when a song is played on radio.

In addition to expediting royalty payments, the powers that be are campaigning urgent government support for the arts.

Here is their statement of intent: “APRA AMCOS is not immune to the impacts of the crisis. We are looking at cutting costs across the business while not compromising our commitment to our members – getting more money to you as quickly and efficiently as possible.“We are working with our sector colleagues, not just across the music sector, but also the broader cultural and creative industries to advocate to government for urgent financial assistance for both individuals and the breadth of businesses vital to the contemporary music industry ecosystem.”


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