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Musicians Set To Deliver The Pub Experience To Your Door


The world has gone mad, right? Here we are, learning new rules and sayings like “social distancing” and relying on streaming services like Netflix and Amazon to be our constant companion. Let’s be honest though, that is going to get old pretty quickly. Us music fans are already missing the interaction we get from gigs and the sacred meeting place known as ‘the pub.’

Imagine if you will, someone knocking on your door and delivering you your very own pub? Well, in the UK that dream has become a reality. Signature Brew is about to save us, they have launched their Pub In A Box! This is a service that delivers beers, snacks, glasses, coasters, in fact, pretty much all you need for that “I’m in the pub” experience.

What could be better? Well, how about your Pub In A Box package being delivered by a musician who because of the Coronavirus outbreak has had to cancel a tour or residency? Cool right?

Signature Brew co-founder Sam McGregor said: “We appreciate you might not be able to head to the pub right now, so we thought we’d bring the pub to you,” he added: “Introducing Signature Brew’s Pub In A Box, a selection of our award-winning beers, with glassware, snacks, a music quiz and exclusive playlists curated by music journalists to accompany the beers themselves.”

“These are available throughout the UK. If you’re eligible for local delivery, we’ll be hand delivering from the brewery, hiring musicians who have had their tours cancelled to help us get beer to your home.”

Hats off to these guys, the Pub In A Box package will include 8, 16 or 24 cans of core and seasonal beers, two stem glasses, the proverbial nuts and pretzels, beer mats and a music quiz. Go on, give it a go and have a pub delivered straight to your door.


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