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Musicians Are Mad About Football


Music and football (soccer if you’re in the US) have more in common than you would think. The greatest players to have played football have compared the ‘beautiful game’to the art of making music. So, it’s no surprise that a lot of rock-stars, both current and past, have pledged their allegiance to football teams. Below, we list musicians who have and currently do, support their favorite football teams.

Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) – Wolverhampton Wanderers

Led Zeppelin is one of the biggest rock bands on the planet. Every album has been certified as ‘Platinum’ and lead singer Robert Plant is regarded as the greatest singer in the history of Rock music. As well as his love for music, he is a massive Wolves fan and has supported Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. since he was a boy.  He was announced as the club’s vice president in 2009, after which he was quoted saying: “First of all, I’m flattered, but I’m embarrassed, to be honest. There are so many other people who are so important and relevant to the club, especially the people I sit next to at Molineux in the Steve Bull Stand.” Adding: “They’ve seen so many more games than me and they’re able to keep a closer eye on what’s going on.” Going one step further with his love for his team, it is said that the wolf on the cover of his solo album, ‘Now and Zen,’ is a tribute to his beloved Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Iron Maiden – West Ham United

Iron Maiden are from Leyton (East London) and is widely known that they’re all West Ham fans.  Founder member Steve Harris was actually scouted and was asked to play for West Ham United’s youth team. As we now know, Harris chose the Rock and Roll route instead and took his band Iron Maiden to worldwide success. That being said, Harris and his bandmates have remained seriously loyal West Ham supporters to this day. Here’s some trivia for you none football fans, the catch-phrase ‘Up The Irons’ used by Iron Maiden at gigs and on a lot of the band’s t-shirts and merchandise is actually a paraphrase of the slogan ‘Up The Hammers’ used by West Ham Supporters. A real fan through and through, Harris even has the club’s crest engraved on his guitar.

Oasis – Manchester City

Noel and Liam Gallagher were famous throughout the world as the two brothers from Oasis. What you may not know is that they are life-long Manchester City fans. Noel and Liam grew up in Manchester and are seriously diehard Manchester City fans. They both have VIP boxes at the club and their songs are played before and after the home games. Oasis was one of the most notorious bands of the last 20- years, with the Gallagher brothers fighting for most of the time the band was together. That being said, the one thing that they can agree on is, they’re Man City for life.

KISS – Chelsea

KISS are one of the biggest bands in the United States, scratch that, how about one of the biggest bands EVER!!!  Let’s face it, you’ve have probably known someone who has worn their trademark logo on a t-shirt or some other type of memorabilia. So, it’s probably no surprise that they chose one of the biggest bands in the world to follow. Just last year they pledged their allegiance to Premier League monsters Chelsea via a video message that the Stamford Bridge club posted on their official twitter handle. Kiss reminded the Stamford Bridge club that 2016/17 was their season. No s**t Sherlock..

Roger Waters and David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) – Arsenal

The lyrics: “Four-star caviar daydream/ Think I’ll buy me a football team,” were written by Roger Waters for the song ‘Money’ by Pink Floyd. Was he being serious or sarcastic? We don’t really know, but one thing we do know is that Roger Waters and David Gilmour are both serious Arsenal fans. Pink Floyd are pioneers of psychedelic rock and their album ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’, sold more than 250 million copies worldwide alone. That surely means that the band could afford to buy season tickets if they had time to enjoy them. Guitarist David Gilmour was quoted in an interview saying that used to be a season-ticket holder at Highbury: I did have season tickets at the Arsenal for quite a few years. That was around the time they won the double. I’m sort of a really fickle football fan. I watch any team that’s doing well and become unfaithful when they’re not. But I do have a soft spot for Arsenal.”  Founder member Roger Waters also confirmed that he is a Gunner via social media saying: “I’m an Arsenal supporter myself.” Massive band, massive club, no brainer.

Arctic Monkeys – Sheffield Wednesday

The Arctic Monkeys are Alex Turner, Jamie Cook, Matt Helders and Nick O’Malley, and they’re one of the biggest bands to have come out of Sheffield. So, it has to be no surprise that the four band members are all supporters their childhood team Sheffield Wednesday. These Sheffield fanatics have even put the club’s crest on their tour gear. While singer /guitarist Alex Turner even has customized ‘Chris Waddle’ (a Sheffield Wednesday legend by the way) guitar picks. You know what they say? “You can take the boy out of Sheffield, but you can’t take Sheffield out of the boy.”

Eric Clapton – West Bromwich Albion

Eric Clapton, is, without doubt, a blues guitar legend. He co-formed the legendary band Cream, as well as The Yardbirds, Derek and the Dominos, John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers and Blind Faith. As passionate as he is about music, Clapton is also a serious West Bromwich Albion fan, so much so that he even showed his true colors on the back-cover of his 1978 album ‘Backless’ where he had his West Brom ‘Baggies’ scarf draped on the couch.

Richard Ashcroft (The Verve) – Manchester United

Richard Ashcroft was the lead singer of the 90’s band ‘The Verve,’ he’s also a huge Manchester United fan. The Verve were together responsible for a number of hit albums and songs, the most famous of which were – ‘Bittersweet Symphony’, ‘The Drugs Don’t Work’ and ‘Lucky Man’. Word has it that he was reportedly at the Nou Camp for THAT 1999 Champion’s League Final against Bayern Munich where Man Utd won it all in the dying minutes of the game. If that wasn’t enough proof he’s a diehard, he’s also been pictured wearing a No.11 Manchester United jersey with his last name at the back. We’d say that was confirmation, wouldn’t you?

The Beatles – Liverpool or Everton or Arsenal?

The Beatles were one of the greatest bands ever, and have broken every record there is to break in the music business. From record sales to most number one singles and albums, they’ve done the lot. That being said, none of the Beatles were football fanatics but all of them had a leaning towards a certain club. Here’s what we know about the Fab Four’s team choice.

Paul McCartney: Word has it that Macca’s got a soft spot for Everton, why? Because apparently, his family are all ‘Evertonians.’ In a radio interview he said: “Here’s the deal: my father was born in Everton, my family are officially Evertonians, so if it comes down to a derby match or an FA Cup final between the two, I would have to support Everton.” Adding: “I support them both[Liverpool and Everton]. They are both great teams. But if it comes to the crunch, I’m Evertonian.”

John Lennon: Apparently John wasn’t a particularly big football fan, but it’s said that he supported Liverpool as a child. But, in a drawing he made when he was 11 years old, it showed the FA Cup Final between Arsenal and Newcastle in 1952, and this has confused Beatles and Liverpool fans for years. The drawing was used in his 1974 album ‘Walls and Bridges’. Newcastle beat Arsenal 1-0 to win the FA Cup in the final that year. So, was he? Wasn’t he? Maybe we’ll never know for sure.

Ringo Starr is said to be an Arsenal fan because his father, who was a Londoner, took him to only Arsenal games in his youth. Well, if Ringo really does have leanings towards Arsenal, the drummer’s children are season ticket holders at Anfield. Oh, the tangled web we weave!

Last of all, George Harrison: Out of the four of them George was the least bothered. When asked about which club he supported he responded: “There are three teams in Liverpool and I prefer the other one.” Alrighty then, not much of a football fan, clearly!

Thom Yorke and Ed O’Brien (Radiohead) – Manchester United

Formed in Oxfordshire, Radiohead is one of the biggest bands in the world, and one of the most revered bands around. Typically going against the grain with all that is mainstream, but, if the rumors are true, when it comes to football, apparently, all bets are off. Word has it that their front-man Thom Yorke in a fan of Manchester United. Now that’s a strange one because United basically represent a lot of what Thom rebels against in his music. A number of sources have suggested online that he’s a United fan, but there is no photographic evidence to suggest so.  The band’s guitar player Ed O’Brien, however, is a big Manchester United fan and has confirmed it in numerous interviews. In an interview, Ed explained: I’m also a big soccer fan — Manchester United — so I check out the MU sites, and there are a lot.” O’Brien studied Economics at Manchester University so it comes as no surprise that he’s a fan of the Red Devils.


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