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More Music From Moby’s Latest Project


moby1Electronic musician Moby is set to release a brand new album titled ‘These Systems Are Failing’. The album will be the first release from his latest project Moby & The Void Pacific Choir.

The record is set to come out on October 14 via Mute Records. It will be followed by a vinyl release on November 18. The first track from the album titled ‘Don’t Leave Me’ was released last month on YouTube. The music video features a number of disturbing images of factory farming and animal cruelty.

In an accompanying message, Moby declared that he would be headlining ‘Circle V Festival’ on October 23, with all proceeds going to Mercy For Animals. ‘Circle V’ will take place at The Fonda Theatre in LA and will be the only chance fans will get to see Moby in 2016. The show has been described as a music and food event that celebrates animal rights.

A series of new videos have since appeared on YouTube promoting the album. Two of the videos contain new tracks titled ‘These Systems Are Failing’ and ‘Are You Lost In The World Like Me’. The third videos contains segments of Moby reading the ‘manifesto’ behind the new record. The new tracks have an almost hardcore trance feel to them, and hark back to some of Moby’s earlier records.

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‘These Systems Are Failing’ will be Moby’s first release since his ambient record ‘Long Ambients 1: Calm. Sleep.’ which was released back in February.

Here is the full track list for ‘These Systems Are Failing’:

01. Hey Hey
02. Break.Doubt
03. I Wait For You
04. Don’t Leave Me
05. Erupt + Matter
06. Are You Lost In The World Like Me?
07. A Simple Love
08. The Light Is Clear In My Eyes
09. And It Hurts

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