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Muse Tease Fans About New Dates


At the close of their current UK tour Muse have teased their fans about the possibility of more tour dates to come.

Following their final date in Manchester, the band posted on Instagram footage of frontman Matt Bellamy onstage with Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello, and revealing that they will be making “major announcement” about shows on June 10th.

The Instagram post said the following: “Thank you Manchester!! What a great end to the U.K. tour. Jamming with @tommorellowas a blast!

“We’ve had such a great time in the U.K. we wanna come back for more. Stay tuned for a major announcement about UK shows on Monday, June 10th…. #BreakItToMe”

Bellamy also announced recently that he had bought Manson Guitar Works, a workshop that has been building custom guitars for Bellamy for over twenty years. He also presented Morello with a custom built guitar after describing him as “a huge inspiration to me growing up, a guitar legend.” Morello has been joining Muse as a special guest on their current ‘Simulation Theory’ world tour.

Bellamy said of his purchase of the company: “I’m excited to be taking ownership of Manson Guitar Works and developing its potential in the future.

“Having played Manson Guitars since I was able to co-design my first custom guitar I have the best insight into the products.”


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