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Motorhead Releases a Dark Rum Just in Time for the Holidays



The Motorhead brand is no stranger to alcohol, it was back in 2015 that the band teamed up with the famed Swedish distillery Mackmyra to launch their very own brand of whisky. Before that the band had also launched beer, wine and vodka onto the drinks market.

That being said, and just in time for Christmas and the holiday season, an official dark rum is set to join the list.

Hailing from the Dominican Republic, the rum has been aged for eight years in ex-bourbon barrels after spending time blending and maturing in a solera system – where as older rum is drawn from one of the casks, the same amount of younger rum is introduced into the process to mature.

So the big question is, what’s it taste like? Well, it’s been described as “a smooth dark brown rum with a balanced sweetness and notes of arrack, vanilla and dried fruits.”

Via Motorhead’s official Facebook page they released the following statement: “We are proud to announce the entrance of our premium dark rum!

“As with every beverage we develop, it’s been a hands-on affair with no detail left unchecked. Quality, craftsmanship and a total no bull-attitude has defined all releases, and our Motorhead premium dark rum is not treated differently.

“Official release date is December 1 and first out is the Swedish monopoly with distribution in 360 shops from north to south.”

Brands For Fans’business manager, Yvonne Wener said of the new product: “We cannot begin to express how proud we are to have been given the opportunity to work closely with Motorhead over the years, releasing quality drinks in all forms.

“The most dedicated, wonderful guys one could ever ask for, and true gentlemen in every sense. While we miss them more than anything, we are thrilled to be able to contribute to the band’s legacy with the Motorhead rum, which we hope the Motorhead fans and friends of rum will enjoy equally.”



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