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Most Annoying Songs Drunk Dudes Play at Parties


There’s always one at a party. Some prat who thinks he’s a genius on the guitar and believes he has the vocal abilities to match. And we’re not talking about the guy who can actually carry a decent tune. We’re not kill joys, we’re talking about the guy who’s either had one or five too many totally not read the room, picked up the guitar and inflicted his stumbling fingerwork on a largely unwilling audience succeeding only in butchering the track. (Yes, I have been guilty of this once or twice as a teenager, much to my shame, can you guess which?). So, here we have some of the most commonly heard songs in the repertoire of drunk dudes everywhere:

1. Oasis – Wonderwall

Perhaps the most commonly attempted song by the drunk dudes of this world ever, Wonderwall is bound to piss people off. The sound of the first two chords alone with likely send the drunk dude’s fellow party-goers into a fit of annoyance. If not prevented from playing immediately by a barrage of angry yells and expletives, the drunk dude will mostly likely proceed to mix up the lyrics and screw up the chord progressions while considering himself equals with Liam Gallagher. That said, there’s normally also someone poorly joining in as if they’re actually watching Oasis….

2. Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit

Every attempt to cover Smell Like Teen Spirit has been a failure. For some reason the song is immune to being covered. Yet apparently this information has not filtered into the consciousness of drunk dudes with guitars at parties. They insist on attempting to perform this deceptively difficult song to impress their increasingly exasperated audience. Slurring their way through the vocals and totally ruining a classic grunge tune.

3. R.E.M – Everybody Hurts

This is the moment the drunk guy attempts to appear deep and emotional. In his drunken state he incorrectly believes this will make him more attractive to females, when in fact he continues to sound like a drunk douche bag who definitely cannot sing anything like as well as Michael Stipe.

4. Good Riddance (Time of your Life) – Green Day

In a poorly planned bid to earn some punk credits and, presumably, to imply that listening to him might just be the time of your life, drunk dude will play Green Day’s classic song, Good Riddance (Time of your Life). Waggling his head and grinning stupidly, drunk dude will expect everyone to sing along. They won’t.

5. Wherever You Will Go – The Calling

Once drunk dude has singled out the girl he likes most at the party he may well decide to play his trump card: Wherever You Will Go by The Calling. He will, undoubtedly, be unable to sing the song and will spend the entire time making said girl feel very uncomfortable by persistently trying to catch her eye.

Next time your drunk at a party and think of knocking out a few well chosen tunes to impress your fellow guests after you’ve had that one too many do yourself and everyone else a favour and don’t! Just don’t.

And yes in fairness a few of these could also make a most requested by drunk guys list, and if you’ve been nagged into playing one of these, in the UK wonderwall was requested more often than I’d like as a kid, then we forgive you.

Been guilty of any of these yourself? Requested any? Did we miss any of your most hated overplayed drunk guy songs? Let us know in the comments


  1. Showing my age. It used to be Stairway to Heaven (with out of sync finger picking), Smoke on the Water(usually in the wrong key and played on one string) or Blowing Free (Wishbone Ash) with the quick chord changes in the intro slowed down because they couldn’t play it at the right speed.

  2. Wish You Were Here is notably absent from this list. Stairway has to be #1 though, but just the beginning bit played at half speed with a worried frown and your tongue sticking out the corner of your mouth.

  3. Where the fuck is this dude from? Wonderwall is the only one of these songs I’ve ever heard by a drunk guy at a party. Nobody has EVER tried an acoustic “smells like teen spirit” and what dudes even know all the words to the rest of your weird choices? Not American dudes for damn sure.

  4. I can’t believe that some drunks try to play and sing those songs. When I get drunk and i do a lot this days… I’m lucky if i can play, “Knocking on Heavens Door”, for goodness sake. And I play a 12 string. Love to play and getting drunk. Sometimes never in the same order.


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