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Most Annoying Song Requests At A Party



So, enough of you guys mentioned in our facebook comments of our annoying songs that drunk guys play at parties articles, that what’s even more annoying is getting requests to play the same songs over and over again. As such, it seemed only fair that we oblige you by creating this list of your most hated. We’re pretty sure that there’s going to be more, so feel free to drop a few in the comments and we’ll make sure to get them into the follow up article.

Every musician will understand the frustration of being asked at parties to play hideous songs, as if you were some sort of living, breathing, jukebox existing only for the personal entertainment of others. Time and time again, some muppet will wander over and ask you to play this or that song. And boy, do these requests get repetitive! Here is our list of some of the most frequent and objectionable requests we’ve received:

Free Bird

Top of our list is the abominably over requested Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Inevitably, as soon as anyone picks up a guitar, some drunk loon will holla out “Free Bird”, thinking he’s being original and funny. He isn’t.

If anyone knows how to put an end to people requesting Free Bird please tell us in the comment section. Please! For the love of God!

Stairway to Heaven

Covering Stairway to Heaven is tricky. Not musically speaking, but because people only really know the intro and the first verse. Once those parts are over the audience tends to lose interest, which means you play the final 6 minutes of the song to yourself when you didn’t want to play any of it to begin with! Even the requester, no doubt in search of someone else to pester, will have wondered off by the end.

Hotel California

At parties, every drunk punter wants to hear a song they can singalong to with their equally drunk friends. Revelling in the shared experience of knowing the lyrics to a song is  a popular past time among the drunks of this world. To facilitate their joy, they will ask you to play Hotel California by the Eagles. Apparently singing along to one of the most well-known songs in the world does not diminish the bonding experience or imply any degree of superficiality…

Knockin’ on Heavens Door

Dylan produced many timeless classics in his day. Unfortunately, he has also inadvertently subjected every guitarist to persistent requests to play said timeless classics for ever more. Whether it’s Blowin’ in the Wind, Knockin’ on Heavens Door, or whatever, people continue to want to hear you play Dylan. These requests are inescapable, relentless, and unabating! Will it ever end?!


If you live in the UK this will come up a lot. Somehow, this fairly mediocre brit-pop song has been transformed into the nation’s national anthem. Brits simply can’t get enough of Wonderwall. What the song is about exactly, no one can tell you, but boy do they love to singalong to it. So often has Wonderwall been requested that it has gained a notoriety, an infamy, all of its own. It is quite probable, at this point, that anyone requesting this song will simply be thrown from the room with unreasonable force. And rightly so!

The Incredibly Obscure “Totally Easy” Song That They’re Amazed You Don’t Know

We all know this one… or rather we don’t and that’s the problem. Sure you may have heard the song once or twice, it’s just not something anyone ever learns. It typically follows on from a previous request and the guy who requests it then proceeds to insist on showing you how to play it, mangling the song and generally annoying everyone around, achieving very little aside frustrating everyone with what is a bad, unasked for, and poor quality “lesson”. Because for some reason, “I don’t know that song” wasn’t an acceptable answer. Oh and bonus points to the guy who only “sort of” remembers parts of it and expects you to figure the rest out on the spot without any frame of reference.

Share your pain and frustration by letting us know the most annoying song requests you’ve received in the comments section below. And take comfort from the knowledge that you are not alone!



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