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Moog And Korg Give Away Free Apps For Stuck At Home Musicians


So, it looks as if we’re all going to be stuck at home for a while, and for musicians, or fans of music, it’s a particularly trying time as concerts have been scrapped left right and center due to the coronavirus. We may have a way for music fans, in general, to pass away the time whilst engaging in Social Distancing. How about some free, yes FREE, tools to create music whilst we’re stuck at home?

Well, we might just be able to help. Moog has made its Minimoog Model D iOS synth app available for, wait for it…. free. Ok, so it’s not their top of the line, but hey, this was one of the first portable synths ever. Think Kraftwerk- or hip hop legends Dr. Dre/ Snoop’s album – The Chronic and you’ll get the picture. Will this app be free forever, probably not, so grab it now.

As well as Moog, Synth giants Korg is allowing you to do the same thing when it comes to its Kaossilator apps. This puppy usually retails at around normally costs close to $20.  Android users can grab the app for free until March 20th, 2020, and the Apple iOS crowd has until March 31st to get iKaossilator as a free download.

So take advantage, download the apps and write some songs, make some noise, who cares, just have some fun during these trying times.


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