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Monsters Of Rock Launch First Kiss Themed Radio Show


Hollywood, CA – Monsters of Rock – the world’s premier Rock Radio all original live rock radio platform on the Dash Radio Network – has partnered with the premier fan produced KISS podcast THREE SIDES OF THE COIN® to create the first ongoing KISS themed radio show.

THREE SIDES OF THE COIN® Radio airs live every Sunday evening at 8pm PT on the Monsters of Rock channel on the Dash Radio Network. Since launching in late 2018 THREE SIDES OF THE COIN® Radio has produced a variety of two-hour KISS specials; including an Ace Frehley show, a Paul Stanley show, all 70s KISS, the KISS End of the Road tour setlist special and more. THREE SIDES OF THE COIN® programs the radio show, they pick the songs… no corporate overlord telling them what to play. These are the song the fans want to hear! With KISS recently kicking off their final tour ever, The End of the Road, this new radio show just feeds the crazy appetite that KISS fans have more KISS.

“THREE SIDES OF THE COIN® was ready-made for radio, they have an incredible, loyal following.” said Harlan Hendrickson, CEO, Monsters Of Rock. “I was following them for a while and when the time came to put together a KISS radio show on Monsters of Rock they were the logical choice… they know their KISS music, they love the band! The response since launching THREE SIDES OF THE COIN® Radio in 2018 has been incredible!” “We have always been looking to expand THREE SIDES OF THE COIN® beyond just a podcast,” stated Michael Brandvold, Cofounder of THREE SIDES OF THE COIN®. “When Monsters of Rock reached out to us we knew immediately this would be the perfect match and the next logical step for the podcast. Not only do you fans get a KISS podcast every week, now they also get a two-hour radio show playing nothing but KISS.”

THREE SIDES OF THE COIN® Radio is live every Sunday at 8pm PT on the Dash Radio platform and all associated distribution touch-points.


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