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Moby Memoir: Porcelain and a Double-CD Release



Moby, the DJ/producer, has been busy working on his next production, his memoir. What promises to be a good read, Salmon Rushdie says of the book, “The writing is terrific, enlivened by a bewildered deadpan humour that makes crazy sense of it all. His ancestor Herman Melville would, I think, be simultaneously revolted and proud.” Porcelain chronicles the famed DJ’s rise to the top, from the utter bottom, in New York City in the 1990s. His album Play went on to sell multimillion copies, and every one of the 18 songs was licensed for movie or advertisement play. The memoir is soon to be published with the following dates: US, Canada, and Italy May 17th; Brazil may 24th; UK, Australia, and Germany June 1st; France June 2nd; Greece June 6th; and Spain & Mexico TBD.


From Moby’s website: “i start the book as a sober christian in a tiny loft in an abandoned factory, and i end the book in a very different place. i tried to be as honest as i could be. in porcelain i’m not a cool narrator or a disaffected anti-hero, i’m just a clueless and panicked human being trying to make sense of the strange worlds in which i found myself. again, i tried to be as honest i could.”


Moby also plans to release a double disc compilation called Music from Porcelain by the newly re-launched Thrive Music label. The first disc has Moby’s musical output from the ‘80s and ‘90s and the second disc covers the music that he loved from his early DJing era. The double-CD will be released on June 10th.


Moby tells Billboard that he wanted to write the memoir from a different approach from other musicians and concentrate on the music, unlike so many others before him who focus on spats between band members and rock star excess. He said he was inspired by John Cheever’s journals. Moby’s story starts in 1989 when he was squatting in an abandoned factory and ends with his life-changing breakout hit Play. “If you’re going to write about yourself as a human being, you have to be willing to communicate the potentially uncomfortable parts of what it means to be a human person and not just present a glorified, or glamorized, or anodyne version of yourself,” he tells Billboard.


Moby (real name Richard Melville Hall) was an anomaly in the ‘90s NYC DJ-scene—a devout Christian, vegan, teetotaler, poor, skinny, white kid from Connecticut. And although he abstained from so much of the DJ club and rave scenes, he definitely lived through the grit of ‘90s New York City and couldn’t help but experience it.


The writer/producer has some wise words to live by: “I realized a long time ago: to a large extent I don’t really care what people think about me.” “I used to care a lot,” he adds. “But then over time I realized just how absurd it is to let the opinions of complete strangers affect my emotional well-being. The things I value in my day-to day life can’t really be touched by public humiliation. If I’ve humiliated myself in public, it’s not going to affect how my breakfast tastes.”


Moby heads out on a book tour across the US in May and June with a few dates in Europe at the end of May. Also, MobyNews, a Facebook fansite, shared a link to a free album that Moby released on April 24th. It’s a 4-hours-long ambient album, for free. You can download Long Ambients 1 – Calm Sleep here.



The track listing for Music from Porcelain is:

Disc: 1

  1. Mobility
  2. Go! (The Woodtick Mix)
  3. Ah Ah
  4. Next Is The E
  5. Rock The House
  6. Thousand
  7. Feeling So Real
  8. God Moving Over The Face of The Waters
  9. Come On Baby
  10. That’s When I Reach For My Revolver
  11. Natural Blues
  12. Bodyrock
  13. Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?
  14. Porcelain
  15. Honey

Disc: 2

  1. Raze–Break 4 Luv
  2. Jay Dee–Plastic Dreams
  3. Jungle Bros–I’ll House U
  4. Strafe–Set If Off
  5. 808 State–Pacific State
  6. Tribe Called Quest–Scenario
  7. Precious–Definition of A Track
  8. Audio–Top Billin’
  9. Big Daddy Kane–Raw
  10. Run DMC–Pause
  11. Supernova–Vibrations
  12. Dream Frequency-Feel So Real
  13. Joey Beltram–Energy Flash
  14. T-99–Anasthasia
  15. Rozalla–Everybody’s Free
  16. Gypsy–Skinny Bumblebee
  17. Aly Us–Follow Me

Check out Moby’s featured video, “Almost Loved” which he says about it: “i wanted the ‘almost loved’ video to feel like something that a soviet filmmaker would’ve made after a trip to los angeles in 1979”:

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