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Mick Jagger Talks About His New HBO Show: Vinyl


If you’ve ever wanted to see how it felt to be a band like the Rolling Stones, slowly but surely working your way to the top of the music world and experiencing all of its excesses, then look no further than the new HBO series, Vinyl.jagg sq

Based on New York City’s 1970s music scene, the series is co-produced by Mick Jagger and Martin Scorsese, and will premiere on February 14th, 2016, at 9 p.m. ET. Hey, and with these two guys at the helm, you don’t get more legit than that.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Jagger explained that the show was in fact, developed from an idea he’d had about 20 years ago for a film that would chronicle the history of the music business over the course of several decades.

To bring the movie to fruition, The Rolling Stones singer teamed up with Scorsese and his Boardwalk Empire collaborator Terence Winter, but explains that as they started working on the project the team realized the concept was too “sprawling” to fit into the confines of just a movie.

Mick explained: “And as TV became more refined and exciting and interesting to make, we decided to do it as a series.”

The “Satisfaction” hit-maker also said that the gritty Big Apple of the 1970s was the perfect setting for the series, which is based on the hard partying, take no prisoners, record-exec named Richie Finestra. This same exec is trying to hold together his failing marriage and imploding record company whilst partying like there is no tomorrow.

If anyone would know what New York was like at a time when he was making hit records and enjoying excess it would be Jagger, saying, “[It was] a pretty raunchy place, I like the milieu.  [The show] was always going to be set there.”

You’ve only got to listen to tracks like “Shattered” to get a firsthand look, but Jagger says that recalling exact details of that time for the series wasn’t so easy.

“You do your research,” Jagger says, “and your research colors your memory.”

Another authentic slice of 70’s New York is the glam-punk pioneers The New York Dolls. The band is featured in a concert scene that appears in the first episode.

Also, keeping it in the family, Jagger’s son James appears as the frontman of a fictional punk group named The Nasty Bits. We’re sure Dad gave him a tip or two with regards to how to act like the proverbial Rock-Star.

Check out the preview trailer for Vinyl right here at Rock My World.

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