MIA Releases Controversial New Video For ‘POWA’

mia5UK based experimental hip hop artist MIA has released a brand new music video for her song ‘POWA’. Both the video and song lyrics contain a number of clear anti-Trump messages including a huge wall and references to Trump towers.

MIA is one of the most controversial artists of her generation and has never been shy about her political motivations.

Born in London to Sri Lankan parents, MIA (Mathangi Arulpragasam) was heavily influenced by her father Arul whom had been a revolutionary activist during her childhood. A large portion of MIA’s work contains references to the plight of the Sri Lankan Tamils, African Americans and Palestinians and due to this, the singer has often been treated with suspicion (including having restricted access to the United States).

MIA’s most recent controversy came after the release of her 2015 track ‘Borders’, a song centring around the current Syrian refugee crisis. In the music video for ‘Borders’ MIA can be seen wearing a modified version of the Paris Saint-Germain soccer shirt, with the ‘Fly Emirates’ logo replaced with ‘Fly Pirates’.

The 41 year old has now released a new music video for her song ‘POWA’ which will no doubt be at the centre of another controversy. The song’s lyrics contain explicit references to President Donald Trump, stating: “Throw up my finger and I’m taking on the [Trump] Tower and Super-kala fascist racist espi-ala-tazors,”

The song continues with: “I’m not Rihanna, I’m not Madonna, I’m not Mariah or Ariana/I’m been around in this world causing drama/The real spice girl, hot girl power.”

The video also features a huge wall of fabric in reference to Trump’s proposed Mexican border wall, and a scene reminiscent of Beyonce’s recent pregnancy photos.

‘POWA’ is currently a stand alone single; however, there have been a number of rumours suggesting a new MIA album for 2017.

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