Are Metallica Planning New Material With Lady Gaga?

larsgagaMetallica may have experienced a few technical hitches during their recent Grammy performance with Lady Gaga, but it doesn’t seem to have discouraged the band from working with the pop starlet in the near future.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Metallica opened up about their epic Grammy performance, and hinted that another collaboration could be one the cards soon.

When asked about working with Gaga, drummer Lars Ulrich explained: “[She is the] quintessential perfect fifth member of this band. Her voice, her attitude, her outlook on everything is so awesome,”  “[The performance] was so effortless and organic and she just has the spirit of hard rock and metal flowing through her veins. It comes really easy for her. There’s nothing contrived; she just has this super warm, easy energy.”

This years Grammy Awards featured some incredible live performances from a number of the worlds most popular artists including Adele, Beyonce and Chance The Rapper. One of the most hotly anticipated acts was a collaboration between Metallica and Lady Gaga; however, due to technical issues, singer James Hetfield’s vocals were completely absent for a large portion of the first song. Luckily, Gaga was there to take the lead and surprised a lot of metal fans with her effortless heavy rock stylings.

Teasing potential new material, Ulrich continued: “We already started fast-forwarding to the next chapter when we can do more of this,” “It’s not one of those ’20 lawyers, strategists and managers trying to force two people from two different worlds to figure out how to spend four minutes together on a national telecast.’ Of any of these undertakings, this is about as organic and authentic as there’s ever been one. We’re just getting started.”

Both Gaga and Metallica achieved huge commercial success in 2016 with their records ‘Joanne’ and ‘Hardwired… to Self-Destruct’. A collaborative record could perhaps introduce both acts to an entirely new audience.

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