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Is Meat Loaf Planning to Tour Without Actually Singing?


Word has it that Meat Loaf is seriously contemplating the possibility of a Bat Out Of Hell tour where Loaf’s vocals would be replaced by American ldol winner Caleb Johnson.

Bat Out Of Hell the musical was a hit, and it has been rumoured that Meat Loaf is working on a story telling type tour for a while now. He would tell stories about his career and of course, his interesting relationship with Steinman, and here’s the twist, Caleb Johnson would perform the songs.

A source close to the camp said: “He’s been relying on pre-recorded vocal tracks for a while but doesn’t want to face accusations of miming on a huge tour, so is passing the baton on to Caleb, who he’s a big fan of.” Adding:

“Instead his involvement will be telling stories of how he met Jim Steinman, who he’s worked with since the Seventies, and other anecdotes. But the singing will be left to Caleb. It’s going to have a feel of Stars In Their Eyes to it.”

But will this work for his fans. The source also said: “He has a really committed core fanbase who often put up with his weird and wonderful ways. But them paying to see someone else sing his hits might be a step too far.”

There is no doubting Johnson’s caliber, when he won American Idol  he won he performed songs by Aerosmith, Whitesnsake, Imagine Dragons, Bon Jovi, Rival Sons, and the in shows final, he performed a medley of two Kiss songs whilst accompanied by the band themselves.

The fans will speak, and ticket sales for the gigs will tell you whether the tour works or not.

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