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Meat Loaf Addresses Health Issues At Q Awards


meat sqIconic rock singer Meat Loaf has given fans updates regarding his recent health problems at last night’s Q Awards ceremony. Many of the singer’s supporters had been concerned, following Meat Loaf’s on stage collapse in Edmonton, Canada back in June.

Meat Loaf had been performing his classic power ballad ‘I’d Do Anything For Love’, when he shocked the Edmonton crowd by falling to the stage in apparent discomfort. The clip was captured by a number of audience members and began to circulate around the internet in the days following the incident.

The 69 year old has now explained that he has been suffering from ongoing back problems, and was forced to undergo emergency back surgery last month. In an emotional acceptance speech following his ‘Hero Award’ win, Meat Loaf explained: “I’m just ready to sit down because four weeks ago I had spinal fusion,” he said. “There was a cyst which was pinching nerves so I had emergency back surgery.”

Meat Loaf obtained the Hero Award due to his impressive career in the music industry which began in 1968. He follows Paul McCartney, Blondie, Kate Bush and John Lydon in the list of artists that have been honoured for their musical contribution by the music magazine.

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Later in his acceptance speech, Meat Loaf added: “You brought tears to my eyes – thank you very much. A hero, let’s think about that word for second. I know we all have heroes but a hero is somebody who does something good for everybody every day. Whether it’s to open a door for somebody, whether it’s saying thank you or you’re welcome, to help the less fortunate, to do whatever you can to bring love back into this world. Because we need it folks, we need it.”

Meat Loaf released his thirteenth studio album ‘Braver Than We Are’ on September 9. A special vinyl edition of the record is now available, and can be purchased on Amazon or at meatloaf.net

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