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Marshall & Softube Bring You Slamming Marshall Amp Plug-Ins


Ever fancied owning one of the classic 1950’s Marshall amps but don’t have the money of even the space? Well, we’ve got good news on both fronts.

Amp modeling kings Softube are bringing you the killer tones of the classic Marshall sound right to your home studio now that they’ve teamed up with amp manufacturers Marshall, UK-based AC/DC producer Tony Platt and US engineers Terry Date and Chris Paccou. Together, the team is bringing you fantastic emulations of two classic 1950’s Marshall amps.

The Plexi Super Lead (seen above) was put through its paces by some of rock biggest names including the Who’s Pete Townshend, Cream‑era Eric Clapton, and Jimi Hendrix’ Also, the Kerry King Signature amp (seen below), and by the way, it’s also known as ‘The Beast’, is one of the main components of thrash guitarist and Slayer co-founder King’s aggressive “aural onslaught” sound.

Kicking off with the cranking 1959 Plexi Super Lead plug-in, this beauty is based on impulse responses captured by Tony Platt at London’s Core Studios. They used Marshall’s own reference unit (a working 1967 amp which usually resides in the company museum), and they paired it with a Marshall 1960BHW 4×12 cab. Nice… Platt used three carefully positioned dynamic, valve- and FET-based mic setups, all of which are selectable in the plug‑in, and created the software’s 50 presets.

In the US, engineer Chris Paccou and studio engineer Terry Date captured cabinet responses and microphone combinations with ‘The Beast’ live (on one of Slayer’s final ever stadium dates) and at LA’s Henson studios. They used the data captured to create the emulation of Kerry King’s monster bass rig based on his custom Marshall 2203KK amp and two different Mode Four 4×12 cabs.

Interested? Well you should be, and you grab both new plug-ins for around $149 and they are available now.



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