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Mark Hoppus Uploads Old-School Blink-182 Pic


We love a throwback pic here at Rock My World and Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 has seriously delivered.

Mark uploaded this classic photo of the band featuring Travis Barker, and ex-member Tom DeLonge posing in some, shall we say, questionable outfits of the time.

The Polaroid photo landed on Instagram and took us back in time to 1999 where the three youths are rocking t-shirts, sneakers, and shorts so long they might as well be trousers.

  Mark Hoppus’ caption read: “The Handsomes, circa 1999, Time to bring back these shorts.”

Let’s bring this story full circle, check out the band’s new release “Blame It On My Youth” from their upcoming album below:


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