‘Man Down’ Takes Just £21 At The UK Box Office

mandown1Dito Montiel’s new war drama ‘Man Down’ is estimated to have taken in a meagre £21 at the UK box office. The film (which stars actor Shia LaBeouf in its lead role) looks set to become one of the biggest box office flops of all time.

‘Man Down’ is perhaps one of the most spoken about movies of 2017; however, the film has been receiving press attention for all the wrong reasons. It was reported last week that ‘Man Down’ had taken in just £7 on its opening weekend in the UK. The British press initially mocked the film’s modest earnings, yet many expected it’s popularity to increase as the weeks went on. It now seems that ‘Man Down’ is expected to finish its UK run, with a total intake of just £21.

With an estimated budget of $560,000, ‘Man Down’ is hardly a Hollywood heavyweight; however, movie fans are still wondering how a film from a reasonably established director, and with a cast that includes Shia LaBeouf, Kate Mara, and Gary Oldman can fail so miserably at the international box office.

Well for one, ‘Man Down’ was only being shown at one cinema in the UK – The Reel Cinema in Burnley. Secondly, due to a severe lack of promotion only three people actually attended a screening. Ouch.

Is this the biggest box office bomb of all time?

‘Man Down’ may have suffered in the UK, but there are plenty of films that have bombed just as hard in the US over the past few decades.

Here are a few of the most memorable movie flops:

ZYZZYX (2006) – Total Earnings: $30

Storage 24 (2013) – Total Earnings: $72

Dog Eat Dog (2009) – Total Earnings: $80

The Objective (2009) – Total Earnings: $95

The Ghastly Love of Johnny X (2012) – Total Earnings: $117

Pretty Village, Pretty Flame (1998) – Total Earnings: $211

Payback (2012) – Total Earnings: $264

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