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‘Love Me Do’ Drum Kit Goes Up For Auction


The Beatles Perform Live On The BBCThe drum kit used on the iconic Beatles hit single ‘Love Me Do’ is reportedly going up for auction. The song marked the band’s first ever US number one and remains a fan favourite to this day.

Known for its memorable harmonica intro, ‘Love Me Do’ was the first ever single released by The Beatles. Legend has it that the track was first written in 1958 by Paul McCartney when he was playing truant from school at the age of 16. It was eventually completed in 1962 when John Lennon added the middle eight section.

Lennon once said of the song: “Paul wrote the main structure of this when he was 16, or even earlier. I think I had something to do with the middle … ‘Love Me Do’ is Paul’s song. He wrote it when he was a teenager. Let me think. I might have helped on the middle eight, but I couldn’t swear to it. I do know he had the song around, in Hamburg, even, way, way before we were songwriters”

The Beatles originally released the song in 1962 in the UK, where it peaked at number seventeen in the UK singles chart. It was later released in the US in 1964 following the initial ‘British Invasion’, and became the band’s first ever number one hit in the states.

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Something that many Beatles fans may not be aware of is that Ringo Starr didn’t actually play drums on the original recording. Following the departure of drummer Pete Best, Ringo was brought in as a replacement; however, due to the fact that ‘Love Me Do’ was Ringo’s second ever recording session with the band, producer George Martin called upon the talents of session drummer Andy White.

The drum kit used on ‘Love Me Do’ is now going up for auction. It has been reported that Nate D. Auctions are valuing the item at around $75,000 (£64,589). The kit was manufactured by drum maker ‘Ludwig’ and contains both the Beatles logo and Andy White’s name on the bass drum skin.

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