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Louis Theroux’s Scientology Documentary Coming Soon


louistheroux1British documentary maker Louis Theroux is set to release his upcoming film ‘My Scientology Movie’ sometime in the near future. The official trailer for the movie was posted online on Wednesday.

Theroux has become well known over the years for his bizarre and often heartbreaking documentaries and unique style of investigative journalism. He has frequently put himself in a number of dangerous situations to get to the heart of a story, yet this time there is a real feeling that this may the most difficult and perhaps unsettling project he has ever undertaken.

Scientology is a notoriously secretive religion and it is often impossible to obtain interviews with any of its leaders or followers. In ‘My Scientology Movie’, Theroux has opted to use re-enactments to shed light on the various goings on within the mysterious church. From what little we know about the documentary, much of the subject matter originates from stories told by former Scientology top brass Marty Rathburn, who has been the focal point of a number of Scientology documentaries since leaving the church in 2004. He was most notably in Alex Gibney’s 2015 documentary ‘Going Clear’.

‘My Scientology Movie’ was originally released at the London Film Festival in 2015 but has only recently obtained cinema distribution rights. An official release date is still unknown however, Theroux has suggested on twitter that the movie will be out in either October or November of this year.

Theroux has since received a backlash from the church, who are reportedly making their own movie about him. Here’s what he had to say:

In the course of making my film I came to believe I was being tailed by private investigators, someone in Clearwater, Florida (Scientology’s spiritual mecca) attempted to hack my emails, we were filmed covertly, I also had the police called on me more than once, not to mention a blizzard of legal letters from Scientology lawyers. And yet, at every step I remained open to Scientology’s good points and tried to see it for what it is: a system of belief that is not so different from other religions, capable of enlarging the soul as well as crushing the spirit.”

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