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Lottery Winner Opens Record Store


This is one of those stories we can’t help but raise a smile about.

Adrian Bayford won £148 million in the Euromillions lottery in 2012. With that kind of money he could basically do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. What Adrian Bayford wanted to do, and did do, loto sqwas open a record store in Cambridge, UK.

The grand opening for the store was last weekend. Black Barn Records deals in all types of second-hand albums, and a hefty dose of music and film memorabilia.

Bayford was no stranger to the music industry. He had been running the Suffolk Music Centre in Haverhill, Suffolk, prior to his life-changing win, which was the second-biggest jackpot in British history.

Using some of his winnings he purchased £10,000 worth of Lady Gaga merchandise. He also snapped up a rare photo of The Beatles that was signed by John Lennon right before he died.

Bayford said of his new store: “Unlike a lot of the national chains who sell you what they want to sell we cater to what people actually want,” he told Cambridge News. “Not everyone wants to buy online, we offer a unique experience in the shop, catering from eight-year-olds to 80-year-olds.”

Not content to just sell albums, Bayford also hopes to open a vinyl pressing plant in the UK.

With £148 million in the bank, who’s going to stop him?

Photo: Jane Russel / SWNS

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