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The Libertines Announce Multiple Supporting Acts for Fall UK Tour


The Libertines have announced a number of musical acts that will join them on their upcoming fall tour of the United Kingdom.

The tour is titled Tiddeley Om Pom Pom Tour and will feature opening acts such as The Paddingtons, Lucie Barat, Rat Boy, Trampolene, Bright Young People, Gabi Garbutt, Dead Cuts, YONAKA, and others.

The band tweeted out an official blast yesterday morning saying “We’re pleased to welcome some very special comrades aboard our tour of the shore,” and included a link to TicketMaster for a full list of their tour dates.

While the last we heard from the British four-piece was back in 2015 with the release of Anthems for Doomed Youth (released via Karma Sounds Studios), the band will be honing in on their garage rock sound on their fourth studio album, which drummer Gary Powell says will be “out in the spring next year.”

Powell is further quoted via The Star spilling details on new music that could be leaked at various shows throughout the tour before the record lands in 2018.

“I’m charged with sorting out the set lists for most shows,” he said. “There will be, for the most part, all the hits and everybody can have a good old-fashioned sing-along.”

In fervent praise of The Libertines’ fans, he added, “The Libertines are nothing without the support of our friends. I go as far as to call them friends because I don’t believe we actually have fans as much as we have people who are part of the whole journey.”

The Libertines will take the stage on Sunday, September 17 at Alhambra Theatre in Dunfermline, England, and will close the tour on Monday, October 2 at Brighton Centre in Brighton, England.

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