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Could Led Zeppelin or Fleetwood Mac Headline Glastonbury 2019?


When I come’s to next year’s Glastonbury festival, there are a lot of names being thrown around as to who will headline.

Perhaps two of the biggest names are reunited Led Zeppelin and Fleetwood Mac.

An English bookmaker has put out the word that Led Zeppelin are the “clear favourites” to top the bill in 2019 on the Pyramid Stage at odds of 2/1, that being said, Fleetwood Mac are close behind and are currently sitting at 3/1.

One of the owners of the festival, Emily Eavis, has spoken has previously about her dream of getting Led Zeppelin to headline Glastonbury, and when you look at this year’s odds, it suggests that there’s a real chance of that becoming a reality at 2/1.

With this being the year when Led Zeppelin celebrate their 50th anniversary, there has been serious rumors circulating aboutthe activity of the surviving members of the band.

All of the reunion talk comes is in stark contrast of singer Robert Plant. Plant has always distanced himself from the band reuniting in the past.

Even in October last year, Plant said: “You can’t ever really go back. It’s tough enough repeating yourself with something that’s a year old, never mind 49 years old. I’ve got to keep moving.”

Check out the odds of who will headline Glastonbury 2019 below:

Led Zeppelin: 2/1
Fleetwood Mac: 3/1
The Beach Boys: 4/1
The Stone Roses: 4/1
The Stokes: 4/1
Elton John: 5/1
Kendrick Lamar: 6/1
The Rolling Stones: 10/1


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