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Landmark Albums: The Ramones – Ramones


Rock and roll has always had a huge attraction to kids who were looking to rebel against the norm.

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Well, when it came to The Ramones first album, The Ramones, the brothers were doing just that, only they were screaming rebellion at what rock and roll had become in the seventies.

The huge bands of the time including prog rock gods Pink Floyd and Yes were all over the radio, whilst bands like Led Zeppelin were writing their own brand of over the top epics like “Stairway To Heaven”.

Enter The Ramones. The band’s first album was a huge departure from the over the top rock being written and played. Dragging rock and roll back to its juvenile delinquent roots, the band wrote and played its songs at a speed that certainly helped to give birth to the punk rock movement.

The band somehow reminded its listeners that, rock and roll started off a little dumbed down, a lot of fun, and undeniably cool

The album struck a chord with the kids and critics alike, and listeners reacted to the sheer simplicity and energy of the album. Let’s face it, without that first Ramones album would we have ever seen the likes of the Sex Pistols or the Clash, perhaps not?

The album was released April 23rd, 1976, and in some strange irony, it finally went gold the week of April 30, 2014 with over 500,000 copies sold since its release.

Maybe what happened, was that all of the people who were wearing the band’s iconic tee shirts finally decided to buy the album and check out the band.

Here’s the video for “I Wanna Be Sedated” below, right here at Rock My World.

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