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Landmark Albums: Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin


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Led Zeppelin, the band and the album, is rock and roll 101. The sheer talent on display for the band’s debut album makes it essential listening for anybody who wants a real introduction to hard blues-based rock.

Recorded in early 1969, it was obvious from the outset that Zeppelin’s sound was unlike any we had heard before. Sure many of the ideas were inspired from other songwriters, but with tracks like “Dazed and Confused”, “Communication Breakdown”, and “Good Times Bad Times” we heard a band breaking down the barriers of blues and hard-rock like no one had done before.

This album (also known as Zeppelin 1), along with Led Zeppelin II, is imperative listening for anybody who wants an education in early hard rock and heavy metal. Put the album on today, and it’s still a ‘smack in the jaw’ powerhouse album, especially when you take into consideration that the album was made over 45 years ago.

Zeppelin was able to incorporate a host of genres ranging from straight ahead heavy rock, folk, and the riffy blues style Led Zeppelin 1 is based upon (not only with this album, but later in other Zeppelin recordings as well). Love them or hate them, Led Zeppelin opened the door for hard-rock and blues-based heavy metal music to the world.

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