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Landmark Albums: Guns N’ Roses – Appetite For Destruction


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With all the talk of a band reunion, how on earth could we not throw Appetite For Destruction into the mix for Landmark Albums? The album redefined all that was rock n roll in the late 80s and 90s.

While the band had become somewhat of a soap opera in the years following the album’s release, when Appetite For Destruction hit the airwaves and stores in 1987, it changed the musical landscape forever.

In fact, it had become the biggest-selling debut album of all time in the US. To date the album has sold 30 million albums worldwide.

Mainstream rock radio was saturated at the time with hairbands and glitz with bands like Poison and Twisted Sister taking center stage.

Guns N Roses’ debut album’s stripped down, no fuss, take no prisoners approach placed the emphasis purely on the music, lyrics and performance.

Hitting you like a freight train, every song on the album showed that GNR was the real deal. Appetite For Destruction made rock and roll dangerous again, and without doubt, signaled the death knell for the popcorn rock music of the time.

Will they or won’t they get back together? Either way, Appetite For Destruction gives us a snapshot of rock n roll at it’s best.


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