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Landmark Albums: David Bowie – Heroes


After the huge success of David Bowie’s album Low, which featured a half-vocal/half-instrumental structure, Bowie released Heroes. Right from the first track: “Beauty and The Beast”, Heroes took

the innovation and production that Bowie and producer/writer, Brian Eno had explored on Low to new heights.

The album boasts songs that are full of melody, yet still manage to implement harder rhythms and the use of synthetic layers of sound.

Guitars provide the edgier sound of Heroes, and the unconventional sound and playing of Robert Fripp took the tracks to the next level.

Bowie had wanted to kill off his alter-ego Ziggy Stardust and attempt something completely different. Bowie had always had a fascination for the Germanic/ European synth sound. In the early seventies, Bowie’s live shows were often started with synth music created by Walter (later Wendy) Carlos, who also wrote for the soundtrack to Stanley Kubrick’s film, A Clockwork Orange.

Heroes showcased his new sound: modern and synth laden, yet still manage to remain faithful to the style created by Bowie, Eno and Tony Visconti on the album Low.

The title track, Heroes is, arguably, David Bowie’s greatest song ever. Over six minutes long, you can’t help but wish the song would go on for longer.

Check out the track “Heroes” below, right here at Rock My World.


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