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Kurt Cobain’s Pizza Plate Setlist Sells For $22,000.


The average price of a standard 18-inch pie in NYC is $16.98. Expensive enough right? Well, a Nirvana fan has just purchased a used paper plate that frontman Kurt Cobain ate pizza off of once for a tasty $22,000.

Julien’s Auctions held their “MUSIC Icons” event on Saturday in New York’s Times Square, and the paper plate Cobain used wasn’t just for eating off, it also had a handwritten setlist written in black marker that was used at the 9:30 nightclub in Washington, D.C. in 1990. Prior to the sale, the plate was estimated to be worth for $1,000 to $2,000 at the auction but as we now know, it went for much more.

Cobin memorabilia is always hot, a cardigan that was worn by Cobain during his final photo shoot just sold for $75,000 at an auction.

Again, its initial estimate of $20,000 was blown out of the water. He wore it for the album cover of In Utero which was released in September 1993.


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