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Kid Rock Buys A 700-Pound Middle Finger Statue


Kid Rock has decided to give his home some new decor with the help of a gigantic 700-pound middle finger statue.

Kid is no stranger to the middle finger salute, he even had one front and center on one of his CD covers

So, where did he get it and why was a 700-pound middle finger statue created in the first place? It was conceived back in November 2018 and was created by Ted Pelkey. Ted is a small business owner from Westford Vermont and wanted to move out from a shop he rents. He wanted to build a new shop on his own property, save money and work from there.

Here’s where the story unfolds, the higher-ups in Westford told him he couldn’t make the move so, in retaliation, Pelkey responded by creating the bird statue. He also mounted the seven-foot-tall statue of a hand giving the middle finger on a 14-foot-tall pole on his property and just in case you travel past the artist’s store at night he installed lights on it so that it’s still visible in the dark. Genius.

The giant middle finger statue has become quite a well-known tourist attraction over the last year or so and has even gained national media attention.

It was during the holiday season that Pelkey said that Kid Rock had contacted him by leaving him a message, it said: “Hey Ted, Merry Christmas. It’s Bob Ritchie, Kid Rock.” He then proceeded to tell Pelkey that he liked the statue so much that he had to have a finger on his property in Nashville. Pelkey got to work on a second middle finger and word has it that it’s now ready to be shipped out to Kid Rock to Nashville.

So, the second “Big Bird” is said to be arriving at Kid Rock’s house in May, and all we can say is, (ahem) you’ve got to ‘hand’ it to Kid Rock. What Kid wants, Kid gets…


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