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Kate’s World: I’ll let you in on a secret!


I’ve been the arm candy of a few rock stars before! I’ve been the girlfriend, and I’ve been the wife! And I will tell you that while it’s entertaining, it’s equally exhausting! Lucky for me, I work in the industry, so I’m accustomed to the late-night recording sessions that keep them out till dawn, the constant phone interviews, texts and emails, never-ending tour dates, appearance gigs, invasive paparazzi, doting fans, and the people who want to be your friend just to get closer to their favorite musician.[x_pullquote cite=”Suzanne Le” type=”left”]“Ever since I’ve been with Sebastian, I’ve been slammed on social media,”[/x_pullquote]

Oh, and the perks! Yes, the perks: fancy restaurants, shoe shopping, European vacations, free shows, and extravagant parties.

Hey, I know, it all sounds so thrilling, but there’s a lot to it; and with all the satiating madness come days far and few between when you’re simply burnt out from traveling, working, and (sometimes) screwing on your smile for the sake of the media.

“Oh, such a hard life,” some have cackled with sarcasm. “He probably has a few other girls on the side” others have snickered, as though the highly controversial role as the rockstar Miss or Mrs. is just to be looked at as a joke.


Who are these women? Few ever take care to learn about them! What is it really like to be a rockstar mistress, girlfriend, or wife?Sharon-Osbourne-had-her-peepers-painted-with-bronze-eyeshadow-for-the-NBC-Universal-All-Star-Photo-C-Getty-Images-AP-Rex

Have a look at Sharon Osbourne! The gorgeous, sassy British television host and author met her husband, Ozzy Osbourne, when she was just 18. While working for her father who was at the time managing Black Sabbath, Sharon went on to take over Ozzy’s solo career as manager, publicist, and promoter when he was fired from the band in 1979.

Being Mrs. Osbourne for the last 33 years, she proves herself to be one of the most respected rockstar wives in the industry. Having put up with Ozzy’s extensive abuse of drugs and alcohol for years on end, she has publicly expressed her doubts of their marriage; and yet the two have together overcome every personal tribulation and public pitch of scrutiny on the matter.

Yeah, I’d say she’s a strong woman well deserving of her role as Ozzy’s better half. Maybe she’s even Ozzy’s very best half!

A common insult to the rockstar girlfriend is that she is only in it for fame and money. To this, I am certain that every significant other of every rockstar ever has replied with a chuckle and a shake of the head—all in mockery of what can be considered a huge falsity.

I mean, hold on, where do these people get this idea? Generally, these women are already familiar with the industry of glamour, lively bouts of calculated disobedience for the sake of fun, and kicking back their multivitamin with a swig of champagne! Like ex-rock wives Pamela Anderson, Bobbi Brown, Athena Lee, or Sharise Neil! That’s just the universal language of rock and roll, and it’s probably what attracted Mr. Rockstar to his fair maiden in the first place.

If you can roll with the big boys, you can date them too.

Sometimes I’ve wondered why some folk actually believe these women are unaware of what they’re getting themselves into? It’s all fun and games until someone gets heartbroken! No one heads into a relationship without thinking, “Hey, this might not work out.” So, trust me, rockstar girlfriends are up for the fun, love, and challenge. The perks just come with it.

Bedmates and girlfriends aside, a wife especially knows that her husband is well adored and desired, and some people will not like her just because she got the ring and they didn’t.

While their daily lives may be different than most, they find time to cook and clean and enjoy the scenery, just like anyone else!

The newest rockstar wife on the scene is pageant star and animal activist Suzanne Le, who married rocker Sebastian Bach late summer of 2015. As a mother to her two sons (2-year-old Trace, and 15-year-old Presley), as well as caring for Sebastian’s 3 children, Suzanne is also the household go-to and event organizer for cozy weekend family outings

Sebastian Bach and Suzanne Le
Sebastian Bach and Suzanne Le

As a mother, and nurturer by heart, she respects Sebastian as the family provider, and talks enthusiastically of the care she puts into her family by making sure everyone eats their vegetables, and that Sebastian has some company during his evening yoga class! Sounds pretty normal to me!

But be as it may, people still speculate against her.

“Ever since I’ve been with Sebastian, I’ve been slammed on social media,” she said to me the other day. “It’s hurtful because I am human! Sometimes it’s hard to ignore some of the crazy things people will say, but I know that responding only fuels their pointless hatred.”

See? A rockstar wife is human, of all things! And despite the verbal envy of outsiders who don’t bother looking past her role as a pretty rockstar wife, she and Sebastian ignore the fuss and maintain a healthy relationship! Go Mr. and Mrs. Bach! I’m on your side!

“Being married to Sebastian is like being married to my best friend!” she continued. “And I get it, that I married a sexy rock icon! To have people go nuts over him and try and get his attention is expected. I can handle that!”

And so there you have it.

Being on the arm of a rockstar is a lot of work! And it cannot be done without what I call the “3 Cs:” Confidence, Class, and maybe some Cash to spend on those fancy European vacations.

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  1. I actually love both of them. She is really nice from what I see on social media— What I didnt know is Suzanne is a mom to a lil one — I only assumed she had older children.. I’ve been a Sebastian fan since 1987!! So I’m not goin anywhere.. he’s got great taste when I met him he walked right over to me and left me speechless seriously I lost all my words. Lol. Eventually found them .anywhay — always thought I personally couldn’t handle all that chaos— although it’s not like I wouldn’t give it a go 😂.


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