Kate Bush Releases New Video For ‘And Dream Of Sheep’

katebush3Iconic singer / songwriter Kate Bush has released a brand new music video for her song ‘And Dream Of Sheep’. The track is set to be included on Bush’s upcoming live album ‘Before The Dawn’.

‘And Dream Of Sheep’ centres around the story of a woman lost at sea. Apparently Bush spent three days submerged in a water tank in order to give the scene a sense of authenticity. The video was filmed at Pinewood Studios and was intended to be played during her 2014 live residency at London’s Hammersmith Apollo. Bush has now shared the video online.

‘Before The Dawn’ is due to be released on Friday November 25. The record will include Bush’s complete live set taken from various performances at the Hammersmith Apollo, split into three acts. The first act features an assortment of Bush’s greatest hits; the second a number of songs taken from her 1985 album ‘Hounds of Love’ and the third a selection of tracks taken from 2005’s ‘Aerial’.

In a recent interview Bush opened up about her now legendary performances, explaining: “The thing that I think was the most difficult thing for me was to be continually in the now. Because I naturally tend to race ahead in my mind. I’m always thinking about situations and running them through.”

“Maybe it’s kind of that primeval thing where you’re trying to think, ‘Can I get to that tree before the tiger gets me? Will I be able to get up high enough?’ So my head is always moving ahead to try to get to the conclusion of whatever this journey is,” she added. “And once we started running the show, I had to be absolutely in that moment. And I was so terrified that if my mind wandered off, that when I cam back I wouldn’t remember where I was [in the song].”

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