Kanye West Marks Up Another Musical Milestone

Love him or hate him, you can’t ignore him. Rap superstar Kanye West has just chalked up another huge milestone in a career that just seems to go from strength to strength.

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How you may ask? Well he just became the latest superstar to chart his fortieth top 40 hit on the Hot 100 thanks to his inclusion of ScHoolboy Q’s “That Part”, which is taken from the rapper’s new album Blank Face.

His latest chart triumph moves West up the list and now puts him ahead of Michael Jackson and Frankie Valli who both had 39 Top 40 hits.

For West, it has to be a stat that resonates as he has frequently compared himself to the King of Pop.

In 2013, in his song “I Am A God”, taken from his album Yeezus, he claimed that he’s the only rapper out there who could be compared to Jackson.

When it comes to topping the list, West still has a long way to go. Currently sitting at No. 10, he has an awful long way to go to come close to the man at the top of the list, Elvis Presley. The King has 80 Top 40 hits. But hey, Lil Wayne is right on his heels at 69 so you never know.

Check out the top 10 list of Top 40 Hits on the Hot 100 below:

  1. Elvis Presley (80)
  2. Lil’ Wayne (69)
  3. Elton John (57)
  4. Drake (53)
  5. Stevie Wonder (46)
  6. Jay Z (45)
  7. James Brown (44)
  8. Chris Brown (42)
  9. Marvin Gaye (41)
  10. Kanye West (40)

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