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Kaiser Chiefs Take New Direction


British indie rockers Kaiser Chiefs have released their first single in over a year with some fans being surprised by their new musical direction. ‘Parachute’ was unveiled by the band on their Instagram account and is the first song from their upcoming album ‘Stay Together’ which the band have described as their ‘relationship’ album.

‘Stay Together’ follows 2014’s ‘Education, Education, Education & War’ but if ‘Parachute’ is anything to go by listeners are in for a seriously different experience. With ‘Parachute’ the band seem to have put the guitars aside in favour of a more modern dance pop vibe with fans on twitter comparing the song to Take That, Enrique Iglesias and questioning whether frontman Ricky Wilson’s time as a judge on talent competition ‘The Voice’ has influenced the band’s sound.

A statement released by the band to accompany their new single may shed some light on the reason being the new dance pop approach. They have been working with producer Brian Higgins who is the man behind many popular modern pop hits including Cher’s ‘Believe’, Gabriella Climi’s ‘Sweet About Me’ and Girl’s Aloud’s ‘Biology’.

After the release of ‘Falling Awake’ last year (which in many respects is a standard indie rock song), most followers of the band were expecting an another album in the same jangly protest rock vein as earlier records ‘Yours Truly, Angry Mob’ and ‘Off With Their Heads’. Now however, fans are speculating as to whether ‘Falling Awake’ was merely a stand alone single and will not find a home on the new album at all.

Here’s what Ricky Wilson had to say about the upcoming record: “This album is about sticking together and making it work longevity and loyalty. It’s a celebration of monogamy, which might sound uncool. I’m putting myself out there by doing that, but it’s how I feel.”


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