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Judge Denies Claims of 29 Would-Be Prince Heirs


Since his death, the Prince estate has had numerous claims that individuals have a right to the late singer’s fortune.

Last Friday, a Minnesota state judge threw out the claims of 29 of these prince sqwould-be Prince heirs who were looking to inherit their stake from musician’s multi-million-dollar estate, reported Billboard.

The judge decided to exclude five alleged children, 11 alleged siblings and 13 others who were claiming to be related in some way to the late music star.

Carver County District Judge Kevin Eide did allow however, a potential niece and grandniece to pursue their claims, as long as they submit to genetic testing to prove there is a blood relationship.

Also allowed to proceed with their claim was Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson and three of Prince’s half-siblings.

As for the claims from two of Prince’s half-brothers, Alfred Jackson and Omarr Baker, Judge Eide’s order did not address these. Baker and Jackson were children that Prince’s now-deceased mother, Mattie Shaw, had from different marriages.

Both claimants have the same mother as Prince and although neither have the same father it is unlikely they will have to undergo genetic testing to prove their relationship.

After Prince’s death from a prescription drug overdose April 21st, it was discovered the star did not leave a will, which means his estate will be distributed according to Minnesota probate and parentage law.

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