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Judas Priest’s K.K. Downing to Release His Memoir


On September 18th a brand new book will be hitting stores and digital outlets. Judas Priest’s founding member and guitarist K.K. Downing is about to release his memoir, Heavy Duty: Days and Nights in Judas Priest.

The book recounts his days as a struggling musician in his home town of Birmingham England. K.K. talks of finding music and using it as an escape from the father that was abusive and mentally ill.

Leaving school at 15 to pursue his dreams, K.K. became a guitar player in one of the most influential heavy-metal bands of all time, and co-wrote metal classics like: as “Breaking the Law,” “Livin’ After Midnight,” “Hot Rockin’,” and “Hell Bent For Leather.”

In an honest depiction of his 40-year stint with the metal gods, Downing goes into detail about his, and the bands, hedonistic lifestyle and of course the rather complex relationships and conflicts he had with his band mates.

With in-depth descriptions of the bands numerous tours with other infamous rockers like AC/DC, he also talks of then huge rivalry that developed between Priest and fellow metal icons, Iron Maiden.

In the 1980s Judas Priest became the target of a U.S. parental group that sought to censor the band, Downing goes into detail about how this almost tore the band apart.

In Heavy Duty, Downing honestly discusses why he decided to retire from Judas Priest in 201, and for fans of metal, it’s a must read.

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