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Josh Homme Hints At New Desert Sessions album


Josh Homme has given a rather large hint that a new Desert Sessions album could be forthcoming.

The Desert Sessions was a collective of musicians led by the Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Homme between 1997-2003. It wasn’t a flash in the pan project either, the group released 10 records, and the final installment of The Desert Sessions – Volume 10: ‘I Heart Disco’ was released in September 2003.

The Desert Sessions was a who’s who when it came to members. Josh worked with PJ Harvey, Mark Lanegan, Twiggy Ramirez, and Nick Oliveri to Dean Ween, Jesse Hughes and Brant Bjork over the years, and now after a serious break, it appears that Homme could be working on a new album.

On the Queens Of The Stone Age Instagram page, Homme wrote: “I wonder if anyone’s been recording in the desert?” before adding the hashtags #desert #sessions #11 and #12.

When asked in 2014 about a new Desert Sessions album, Homme responded: “As far as Desert Sessions goes, I was going to do a Desert Sessions this year but we did some Eagles (Of Death Metal) recording instead.” Adding: “Because Desert Sessions works best at a certain time of the year when everything slows and everyone takes a deep breath out. At the end of the year, in that December-January timeframe, everyone has exhaled. And post-exhale is the time to do something like that. So if I miss that window… I miss that window.”

It looks to us like this time around it’s a go.


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